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Direct hit scene: The 78th CMEF, New Element Co.Ltd booth popular!

Source: Author: Date: 2017-10-30

Gathered in Kunming and met in the Dianchi lake. On October 29, 2017, CMEF  China international medical equipment exposition opened  an unprecedented grand event in Kunming Dianchi international exhibition center. As the largest medical exhibition in the Asia-pacific region, CMEF has brought together a number of well-known medical equipment manufacturers and medical equipment providers, as well as  the industry chain-related government, dealers, buyers, etc. CMEF is a stage to show the efforts and dreams of medical equipment manufacturers and providers.


The New Elements closely follows the industry's needs and medical frontiers, with painstaking research and development, continuing to lead the industry vane, providing forward-looking medical extracorporeal shock wave solutions. As a professional manufacturer in the field of medical shock wave, New Elements in this CMEF with the latest products presents in the exhibition, New Elements welcomes you to the New Element booth: 7p01!






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